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Peoria Fire Fighters & Paramedics Laugh While Asthmatic Almost Dies, Crying for Medication, Cuffed By Abusive Maricopa County Deputy's, Joes Thugs a Work Again

Having An Asthma Attack Cuffed & Denied Medication By The Peoria Fire Department Paramedics

On 12/27/2009, at 12:24 pm, I was cuffed and under arrest by the Maricopa Sheriff's Department. pulled out my Asthma neutralizer, medication for that, and my puffers in a zip lock bag and put them out in the open in case I needed the medication during the altercation. I advised the officers I had a serious pulmonary medical condition that might require medication at any time if the asthma flared up and my pulmonary system closed down. I also advised them that because I had been poisoned with H2S Hydrogen Sulfide, that my throat dried out quickly and closed up if I did not have water all the time and access to my “throat lozenges” or my “Icebreaker” candies to keep my throat lubricated. After explaining my possible need for Asthma medication on the back of the bike just feet from me, Deputy William H Coleman - Attacker and Deputy S.E. Osborn - Attacker, chose to call the Peoria Fire Department Paramedics.

Peoria Fire Department Paramedics Show Up

Peoria fire department showed up. Coleman advised the paramedics I just did not want to go to jail and was not having an asthma attack. Osborn just mocked me in front of the Fire Department firefighters/paramedics, that I was trying to keep out of jail by faking an attack as well and poisoned them about the true and honest symptoms of my attack. One paramedic did give me one drink from my water bottle, while the officers filled their heads with negative comments about me, they started siding with the officers and would no longer let me take fluids while in the heat there for 40 minutes. I was given one sip of water once when they first showed up. After the officer poisoned them, there would not longer let me have water for my parched throat.

Negligent Assessment by Paramedics

That medics took my blood pressure and O2 saturation level only, advising me my O2 level was 98% and that I did not need my asthma medication. He did not do a proper assessment, check my breathing, my chest or back with a stethoscope to hear the restrictive breathing in the bronchial tubes and pulmonary system . He advised me he did not think I was an asthmatic and was not having problems breathing and stepped back, even though my breathing became increasingly restricted in front of 4 police officers and 8 Peoria Fire Fighters, gagging, coughing, pulmonary fluid coming up and Flem, spitting out the fluids from my lungs, as it increasingly became difficult to breath. I apologized and warned all around me I had to spit.

The Paramedic would not administer my "breathing treatment - Neutralizer" or give me use of my Puffers, that were out in the open only a few feet away on the top of the quad. I myself and retied Paramedic and in my entire life as a medic I have never seen such gross medical negligence of a professional license Paramedic or such a poor assessment on a patient in obvious pulmonary distress!

Have Legal Responsibility to Administer Patients Medication

To start with a licensed Paramedic has a professional Hippocratic oath and policy to assist a patient with taking prescribed medication at a scene, that is part of their basic training.

Additionally If the Peoria Paramedic did not want administer or assist a patient in taking medication, their legal medical responsibility would have been to take me to a hospital emergency ward to have them administer a "breathing treatment" to stabilize the patient and assist the patient to recover from a serious Asthma attack. Non of the above professional options were done, why? Gross Negligence.

As I was gagging and coughing, out of breath and not able to breath, I started to swear at them so angry they would not give me my medication, when it was just a few feet away and out in the open. I had reached my limit of pain and tolerance, I became panicky, scared and thought I might die without the medication, and started to lose consciousness, being disorientated, dizzy felling like I was going to pass out, at the same time incredibly angry at all of them. My verbal language increased as I became more panicky with not being able to breath and a fear of dying on the road when the medication was feet away. Never in my life have I ever seen an officer of the law act like this, a man who gloated he was a paramedic, breaking every police and paramedic oath for assisting a choking man having an asthma attack.

8 Peoria Fire Fighters Laughed and Mocked During Asthma Attack

Another fire truck showed up and I think there was a total of 8 Peoria fire fighter/paramedics. I was cramping severely, asking, begging, demanding help, asking for them to give me a breathing treatment to open up my bronchial system which was obviously closing up and causing me extreme breathing difficulties. As I was asking for my medication all the while on the ground, the 4 sheriffs and 8 fire fighters laughed at me, mocking me, telling one another to look he is still alive and talking, he just got out 15 swear words, so he must not be having an asthma attack. I started panicking, could not breath, begged them and cussed at them for standing around when I needed simple help and medication that was available. Osborn during the whole time kept yelling at me and telling the firefighters I just did not want to go to jail and was advising the medics I was not having an asthma attack. He sat me up and was kneeing me in the back from behind, making it look like he was letting me lean against his knees and continually yanked on my arms to cause pain with the cuffs.

I became increasingly became panic ridden, coughing and gagging, apologizing that I had to spit, trying to breathe without my medication. It was truly amazing that I did not expire and stop breathing with my pulmonary system so restricted. I had no other choice but to try to control the attack without medication, to calm down regardless of the physical and verbal loud abuse the officers exerted on me. and all the Peoria Fire Fighters standing around laughing and joking with each other. It was truly a very traumatic and humiliating experience not having any control to take my medication during this Asthma/Anxiety attack brought on by the Damn abusive Maricopa county sheriff's officers.

The fire fighters and paramedics left.

These are completely unacceptable actions and I demand that you take all of the fire fighters and paramedics at the scene off active duty until a full investigation is done on this incredible abusive and painful lack of medical attention, assessment and gros negligence by your Peoria Fire Fighters .

hese are completely unacceptable actions and I demand that you take all of the fire fighters and paramedics at the scene off active duty until a full investigation is done on this incredible abusive and painful lack of medical attention, indicate assessment and gross negligence by your Peoria Fire Fighters not giving my own personal medication during an Asthma attack, that was available within a few feet away. The risked my life and health because of their negligence.

I am officially requesting the name of all Peoria Fire Fighters and Paramedics that were at the scene and a copy of the official report of the incident be sent to me

I am advising you that I am proceeding with civil action against the all Fire Fighters present and Peoria City for gross negligence.


Without prejudice
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With Regrets,

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